whipped into shape

Sid Fleischman's 1987 winner The Whipping Boy, brought me back to medeival times (and laughter), with a fun story full of ridiculousness--I mean, the bad guys names is Hold-Your-Nose-Billy, for Heaven's sake (this because he eats so much garlic!)

Spoiled and snotty, Prince Horace is a terror despised by all, but since royalty can't be whipped, Jemmy, (aka the Whipping Boy) takes the beatings for him, while dreaming of escaping back to the sewers to join his father, a renonwed rat catcher. But before this can happen, the Prince runs away, taking Jemmy with him, and of course disaster ensues! The pair are picked up by bandits (the aforementioned Hold-Your-Nose-Billy and company); in their attempt to escape Jemmy cooks up a rouse that he is the Prince and the Prince is the Whipping Boy...but will it work?! What happens? Lessons are learned, friendships forged. This book was short, silly, and fun. I obviously enjoyed it.
Would I recommend it: Already have.
Ages: Amazon suggests 8+


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