peased to review

I fell in love with Keith Baker's peppy, perky, pandemonious (yes, I just made that word up...hey, Shakespeare did it all the time!) peas in LMNO Peas, not long ago and was peased as punch when I got my hands on his latest book, 1-2-3 Peas!

The book begins: "One pea searching- look, look, look, Two peas fishing- hook, hook, hook," taking the reader along for a ride which combines lovely, colorful, humorous illustrations, rhyming page after page; the reader follows along, counting up to 20, then on to 100 by 10s. (I fought the urge to count all of the adorable peas on every page after 40). Some great things about this book: it goes past ten (so many counting books don't and we often times get teachers looking for just that). Another thing I like about Baker's take on counting is that he puts the number (numeral and word) in large, legible font--great for little learners.

This is definitely a must read and another great Kindergarten Readiness read!

Ages: 3 and up


Anonymous said…
Hey, Amanda! I fell in love with this book when I processed it a while back. It is always gratifying when someone else whom I respect feels the same way about a title. We still miss you. faith from INDE

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