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Continuing on (still! *grumble grumble*) with my Newbery quest, I read and absolutely loved E. L. Konigsburg's 2nd Newbery Medal winner, The View From Saturday.

We start the book wondering about the whys and hows of Mrs. Olinski's choosing of her four 6th Grade Academic Bowl team members: Noah Gershom, Nadia Diamondstein, Ethan Potter, and Julian Singh. In the telling, Konigsburg wove together characters whose past experiences help define a moment in their future; a tea brings the kids together and the Souls are formed. The book takes place in Epiphany, NY, and before the story is finished you'll realize that the name is apropos. LOVED LOVED LOVED this book.

Would I recommend? Absolutely.

Age:  Amazon lists 8 and up


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