I'm tired just from reading

the 1943 Newbery award winner, Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Janet Gray. Adam is a minstrels son with two loves, 1. traveling with his minstrel father (appropriately named Roger the Minstrel)  and 2. his dog, Nick. After many months spent together, entertaining a lord and his manor, Nick gets dognapped, and Adam, in his pursuit to follow the napper, loses his father. Months and months and months go by with no sign of pa or pooch in sight...will he find them? Will he become a minstrel? What is to happen to your young hero?

The book was ok, a little slow (as I am finding all earlier Newbery winners to be). I don't think kids today would enjoy it as much as the kids of old. Would I recommend it? Probably not. There are definitely more engaging books out there.

Ages: I would say 2nd and up

For a longer review than I cared to write, click here.


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