might well have happend

“Half of this story is true and the other half might very well have happened.”
--William Pene du Bois

In my continuing quest, I recently finished 1948 Newbery award winner, The Twenty-One Balloons, by William Pene du Bois. I was not expecting to like this book, but I actually did. The story was fun and read quickly and definitely reminded me of Around the World in 80 Days for the obvious reason of travel.

Professor William Waterman Sherman is found nearly dead in the Atlantic Ocean, once revived he is begged to share his tale—he refuses on the grounds that it must first be shared with his fellow members of the Western America Explorer’s Club. 

We follow along as Sherman tells his tale: his intention to cross the Pacific Ocean by balloon, only to crash on the volcanic island of Krakatoa instead; here he discovers a small society of wealth, strange culinary rules, and inventiveness. 

Would I recommend it? Sure. I liked it. I think this would also be a great family read aloud book or audio book. 

Ages: Grades 3-5


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