curious attractions

Somehow one day while talking with friends the topic of conversation switched and we started talking about those awkward crushes of our younger days. Most of us couldn't really remember why we were attracted to some of our crushes, but it made for a funny and embarrassing conversation. So, on this lovely Friday I ask you to think back to your childhood, push the cobwebs out of your head, and reminisce about your first, truly awkward crushes?

 Bert from Disney's Mary Poppins
Why was I attracted to him?: He was a Chimney sweep and Kite salesman, could make sidewalk chalk drawings come to life, danced on rooftops, danced with penguins, looked good in a pin-strip suit, Cockney accent.

Davy Jones, Monkees
Why was I attracted to him?: I loved the show the Monkees (no one told me it was in serious reruns by the time I saw it), his suave shirts, that shaggy mop, he made a cameo on one of my favorite TV shows (the Brady Bunch).

Disney's Davy Jones
Why was I attracted to him?: Umm, buckskin boots, he "killed a bear when he was only three," he fought in the Alamo, he was just a general badass.

Michael Landon as Pa Ingalls
Why was I attracted to him?: Freud would have a lot to say about being attracted to this Father figure, but I just couldn't help myself...I think it was the curly mop, and the smile, and the fact that he cried at the drop of a hat on the show.

Walt Disney
Why was I attracted to him?: I think it was the mustache, or his twinkly eyes, or maybe because he would sometimes introduce the cartoons...I was easy to please.

So, Dear Readers, who were some of your awkward crushes?

Happy Weekend!


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