Acadia, more day 1 and day 2

Atlantic Ocean

Along the Ocean Path

Ocean Path, Otter Cliff (Otter Pt.?) at the end of the trail.

Sand Beach--the water was COLD!

B2 Hiking the Beehive, Day 2

We made it to the top of the Beehive! That's me!

The Bowl, near the Beehive

View of the Beehive from the bottom.

View of Sand Beach from Great Head Trail

Our weekend in Acadia National Park whipped my sedentary librarian ass into shape super quick, with the 14ish miles of hiking we did. I was super proud of hiking the Beehive (pictured above) because it's a hike where you feel like you're climbing up up up forever--at times you even use metal wrungs in the mountain to climb/pull yourself to the next part of the trail. I highly recommend it! Be warned, it is labeled as a "strenuous hike!" HOORAY for camping!


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