storming Chicago

Under the L, lovely Chicago
Chicago was a blast. We left my apt. at 1:30am Sunday, arrived there at 6:30am Chicago time; a drive that was one of those over-tired-slappy-giggly-listening to good and bad music-fun-mini-roadtrips I won't soon forget. We couldn't check into our hostel until 3:30pm, so after dropping our bags off (they had lockers available) we hit the city. We:
  • ate at Yolk
  • wandered through this cool sculpture exhibit (see pics below)
  • saw Buckingham Fountain
  • saw the glorious design of Grant Park Music Festival
  • Went to the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower--lame!) and stood out on the glass walkout with nothing but some glass and the city below us!
  • We saw the Main Branch of the Chicago Public Library (which was less than a block from our hostel) I wandered through every level, fell in love with Winter Garden on the top floor. WHAT A GORGEOUS BUILDING!! Gah, I could live in Chicago to just use that library!!
  • Met up with my friend Scott for a good Mexican dinner
  • Saw Navy Pier at night
  • Walked along Lake Michigan (two Great Lakes for the Germans, if you're keeping count!"
    I loved that my Magdalena and Yannick said that the Great Lakes look like the ocean, because THEY DO!! :)
  • Wandered, wandered, wandered
  • Not sure where this was, outdoor art, somewhere in Chicago
  • Had amazing Chicago-style hot dogs! YUM!!
A great, great trip!!  And more pictures to follow...


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