I know a chicken and more

We are finished with our normal spring storytimes, and since we don't do normal storytimes during the summer (because of Summer Reading) we are doing scattered storytimes starting with storytime this week. I wound up with an energetic, involved group of about 37 people (kids and adults) who loved loved loved everything I did. This weeks' theme was

Ms. Monster's Favorites:

“Shake Your Sillies Out,”  #13, Raffi’s More Singable Songs

Flannel Board: It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Charles Shaw

Book 1: Little Cloud, Eric Carle

Music/Movement: “Jumping and Counting,” #7, Jim Gills Irrational

Book 2:  Bark George, Jules Pfeifer

Prop Story: Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothes, Judi Barrett w/laminated pictures

Music/Movement: “I know a Chicken,” Best of Laurie Berkner Band w/shakers

I just had to attach this video I found for "I know a chicken." The kids loved this song. The adults loved this song. And I love this song. The kids loved dancing to it, and the kids love shaking their egg shakers to it...it ended with laughter...and more than one parent wandering around, mumbling, "I know a chicken," under their breath. :)

P.S. And for the record, I DID NOT wear a chicken hat like that...though now I want to find one.


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