great find Friday

Aside from it being green to shop at thrift stores, I love shopping at thrift stores because you never know what you're going to find. For example. I love satchels. LOVE. Some people love fashion, but just give me a satchel to carry my writing and books in and I'm sound. I was bummed out when the zipper burst on my trusty old satchel some weeks back; so, what, I don't need a zipper, I thought...and then the strap snapped while I was carrying the very stuffed bag to my car the next day.

So, I made my way to the thrift store not far from my house to see if I could find anything worthwhile, and I found an actual Marino Orlandi Italian leather satchel; judging from this site (Marino Orlandi's website doesn't list prices) my guesstimate is that my satchel would cost over $400 brand new (I am taking into account that my bag is bigger than these ones pictured). This bag rocks and I've already gotten tons of compliments (the pic doesn't do it justice). I am hearting my new bag. So happy with my purchase.

The Unique Thrift Store chain where I purchased my satchel was recently rated "BEST THRIFT STORE" by "Cleveland Magazine" and "Cleveland Scene."

Forgot to mention, cost: $9.95, my happiness: PRICELESS


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