dark night of the soul

Can you guess where I am? Back in Michigan just 4 days after I left, this time for a 3 day weekend of rest and relaxation, no baby showers, hopefully just lots of hanging with friends and celebrating Easter. All this traveling back and forth makes me want to move back to Michigan to just save on the damn gas! Gah!

I've got some book reviews on the horizon, but until I can get those things in order, thought I would offer some lovely words on Easter from Anne Lamott--Did I mention bestie L is coming down to Cleveland next week and we're going to go see Anne Lamott lecture! I am so excited! Anne Lamott is one of our favorites.

"So in Easter — and Passover too — something that happens is that we stop. This is the 'dark night of the soul' stuff that John the Divine writes about; that in that stopping we may fall into an abyss that we have been trying to outrun since we were little children ... and the American way, I think, is to trick out the abyss so it's a little bit nicer. Maybe go to Ikea and get a more festive throw rug. But in Lent, if you are a person of committed spiritual growth, you do stop." --Anne Lamott, taken from NPR article, here.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter or Passover, I find that spring is the time of year to take stock. To inventory your life. Why else does spring cleaning take place in the spring? It is after a sometimes grueling winter that we have to unbundle ourselves and our baggage and spread things out to get some clarity. We clean out the dusty cobwebs of our houses and ourselves and see what works. I am a Catholic, and every year I painfully struggle through Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter), struggle against wanting to transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly; to change into a better self, shedding what didn't work the year before. So, this weekend I will be thinking and meditating and praying a lot and spring cleaning me. Wish me luck...and if I don't post again before Sunday, Happy Easter!

Also wanted to offer a welcome to new follower, Kasandra--thanks for joining along.


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