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Vampire Weekend - 'Holiday' (official video)

No holidays in sight, but I am so hopeful for spring and so excited for the many visitors and travels I will be doing the next few months. Yesterday I booked our campground in Acadia National Park; B1 & B2, Rugbygirl and I are going camping in June! HOORAY! But, before then I will be hosting:
  • Craig, a former Farmer, as he pit stops en route to the west
  • Yannick the German, a Farmer friend (and possibly Magdalena the German?) for a week in May
  • My Mom when she come for a two week? visit in May
And then there's two visits to Michigan in March: next weekends St. Patty's Day Wedding, and a baby shower for College Kim, which I'm co-hosting at the end of the month. Oh, that it were Friday and I were headed north again!


Kt said…
Camping in Acadia? Oh, so lucky! That's such a beautiful corner of the country. Lobster smores? Yeah?

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