don't be so Caddie

The cover of the copy I read as a kid.

Caddie Woodlawn, Carol Ryrie Brink, original illustrations Kate Seredy
Reading Caddie Woodlawn, for Little House fans will seem slightly familiar; winner of the 1936 Newbery Medal, Caddie Woodlawn, like the Little House series is a story about a girl living in the U.S. “West,” (Wisconsin) in the 1800s (1860s); spunky 11 year old tomboy named Caroline Augusta Woodlawn, nicknamed "Caddie" is our protagonist. Both characters struggle with the feminine arts and would rather be outside playing, running around, and getting into mischief (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?) Both ladies are guided by sets of loving parents, whose helpful and stern wisdom and discipline shapes and molds the characters of these two.

The major difference between Caddie and Laura (Little House series) is that Caddie’s story is loosely based on the life of the author’s Grandmother Caddie Woodhouse, while Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote stories about herself.

If you love the Little House series, odds are you will enjoy getting to know Caddie and her family. When I moved I was going through old boxes and happened upon an autobiography which we had to write at the beginning of 4th grade—I listed Caddie Woodlawn as my favorite book in 3rd grade.

Amazon recommends ages 9 years - Up


LolaDiana said…
You should check out the musical based on the book!

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