a towering history

I promised I would write more about what I am seeing/doing in Cleveland, so...

This weekend I attended volunteer training for the Cleveland International Film Festival at the Tower City Cinema. Aside from housing the 11 screen Tower City Cinema, the Tower City building is also home to a building full of fast food restaurants, as well as various stores/buinesses; all this is just a hop, skip and a jump from the Cleveland Indians, the Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Little bit of history I learned when reading up on the Tower City Building; the building used to house a post office and a parking lot now sits on the site of the former Cleveland Union Terminal. How cool is that! I love when old buildings/spaces get made over. 

I borrowed this gorgeous photo from here.

Home of the Cleveland Indians,
rising up like Cleveland's take on the ancient Arena.

On the Superior Bridge, heading toward Cleveland's downtown.

For more information, this site has some fascinating history about the Tower City Cinema, Cleveland. (This awesome link will take you to Encyclopedia Cleveland, a site maintained by Case Western University. FASCINATING STUFF!


Brett Minor said…
I've been to Cleveland one time. For Spring Break my son wanted to go to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. We spent three days in the city and had a blast walking around visiting all the shops and little blues clubs.

Outside the library were all these little statues sitting on ledges and climbing on gates. Is that they library you work at?

I won't reveal what library I work at because I want anonymity, however, I will say, I do not work at that library.

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