This is one of a thousand things floating around Facebook today. 

I like this. I do. Even if one side (the snarky side) of me is saying, "Yea, but you can get away with saying those things because you're gorgeous!" If I tried to say it I would sound like the chubby-girl-bashing-Prom, though she secretly wanted a date and the whole Cinderella aspect of it. (This was me as a teenager). 
And the other side of me (the Librarian me) is saying, "HELL YES! I know that I don't need to dress in mini skirts for the men to notice me at the library!" 

Somehow this made my mind wander tangentially to what Juno McGruff said, 

"Jocks like him always want freaky girls— girls with horn-rimmed glasses, and vegan footwear, and Goth makeup... Girls who, like, play the cello and read McSweeney's and want to be childrens' librarians when they grow up. Oh, yeah, jocks totally eat that shit up."

Ha ha ha...No, seriously though, I thought this was great. More girls need to hear things like this.

I think we can expect great things from Emma Watson, her work with People Tree (fair trade clothing) and Pure Threads (clothing made from sustainable materials) is evidence of that!


Brett Minor said…
She has proven she has a good head on her shoulders. She hasn't succumbed to what a lot of the other child stars do.

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