paczkis and a brief lesson in Lent

Happy Fat Tuesday ya'll!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent--the season leading up to Easter for Christians.

As Catholics we are marked with ashes on Ash Wednesday, as a reminder of our journey toward conversion and renewal. We Catholics abstain from certain things and sometimes give things up as a reminder of conversion, but also to aid us in letting go of things which get in the way of God in our lives. Lent is all about working towards renewing our commitment to our faith and baptism.

I like the idea of Lent, but it always feels like a spiritually fitful time for me, a dark time, made worse by the fact that I am so damn stir crazy for spring...yet, as I get older I am trying to focus on how all of those feelings make Easter day and springtime so much more glorious.

So, today--pre-Lent--we celebrate. Fat Tuesday means paczkis in the MidWest (and other parts of the country). Fat Tuesday means enjoying one last hoorah before the time of moderation and abstinence begins, so today I introduced my sister-in-law (who is Canadian) to her first paczkis; strawberry jam filled deliciousness--so good, and so fattening that I just had to remark, "this is why I only eat these once a year!"

So, if you haven't yet, go get your paczkis on! Happy Fat Tuesday. For more info on paczkis--here.


Brett Minor said…
You have made me hungry. I have never heard of paczkis, but now I am going to find one.

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