a oneness

I am heading back to Michigan tonight with my sister in law Dayna and brother A3, for a weekend full of busy stuff: hanging with my besties and other friends, celebrating my best friends Kim's birthday; Dayna's baby shower (which I am giving with my Mom and sister A1--both of them are in town from SC for the weekend); family bonding time (I haven't seen my Mom or sister in 3 months).  Bestie Lisa and I also have to meet with another friend to finalize plans for another baby shower that we're hosting for College Kim in March. All this going, going in just under 2 days--I will come back tired from my weekend. But, good tired.

Some day soon I should write a blog about Gwen Frostic, Michigan poet and artist, but until I do, I will at least share some poetry:

"A New Beginning"
On this earth there is a oneness
A rhythmic flow through everything that lives
The things with roots and stems and leaves
The things with shells and fins and furs
The things with wings with which to fly
The things that crawl and those that walk
Each thing must eat and breathe and rest
Each thing must seek and each is sought for
Each has a birth, a purpose to fulfill
To each an end and then a new beginning. 
--Gwen Frostic


Brett Minor said…
Have fun with everyone.

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