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Blackout, (John Rocco) tells the story of a family reconnecting with one another when their apartment/neighborhood loses power: they make shadow puppets; they play games by candle light; they have a street party with their neighbors. It was a simple, sweet story. Ages: Preschool-Kindergarten

Pocketful of Posies: a Treasury of Nursery Rhymes, (Sally Mavor) presents the age old nursery rhymes, handmade collaging the illustrations using: naturally dyed wool, buttons, beads, wire (nearly everything sewn together—though she admits to having to use some glue on un-sew-able things—onto felt backgrounds); photographed and printed for the book.  The finished product is stunning. Looking at the pictures may induce a sense of awe over the details Mover put into this book. Ages: Preschool-Up.

My Rhinoceros, (John Agee) is the story of a boy who buys a rhino only to discover that rhinos don’t do anything but “pop balloons” and “poke holes in kites.” I wasn’t really sure where this story was going until the boy and his rhino stumble across bank robbers trying to escape in a hot air balloon and a kite.  I am sure you can see where this is going…Kids will like this book: it’s simple illustrations, the story, their ability to feel “inside the joke,” when it comes to knowing what’s going to happen with the robbers.  Ages: Preschool-Up.


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