springing toward the earth

"Face to Face"
In February living stood still.
The birds flew unwillingly and the soul
chafed against the landscape as a boat
chafes against the pier it lies moored to.
The trees stood with their backs turned towards me.
The deep snow was measured with dead straws.
The footprints grew old out on the crust.
Under a tarpaulin language pined.
One day something came to the window.
Work was dropped, I looked up.
The colors flared. Everything turned round.
The earth and I sprang towards each other.
--Tomas Tranströmer
(Translated by Robin Fulton)

February feels like the longest month, though this warm weather we've been getting (if it holds out) will make it go by faster. Just looked up info on the local hiking clubs and hoping to get outside more soon!

P.S. Welcome to new follower, Emily! Visit often, comment much.


Kt said…
What a perfect February poem. In my hometown February's always been the start of spring, my birthmonth, when the leaves start growing and the daffodils bloom, the sun shines in the rain, and steamy breath disappears. This captures that moment of change. Love it!
That sounds both lovely and enviable! Maybe one of these days I can come visit--I've never seen the Pacific NW!
Kt said…
Yes, definitely! Come, and I'll show you around!

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