the cool kind of walrus

You may remember me mentioning that I hate word-less books, well, I found another exception:  I couldn’t help but LOVE Stephen Savage’s Where’s Walrus.

The Walrus runs away from the zoo and hides from the zookeeper by blending in with his surroundings—literally; there are lots of people wearing gray in this book. The scenarios are ridiculous and funny enough that kids would love telling the reader the action of the book!

My favorite page shows the Walrus laying bricks. I also love that the characters look a bit Monopoly guy-ish.

Ages: Toddlers-Up

Where’s Walrus?


Brett Minor said…
That sounds more fun than Where's Waldo?
Kt said…
This looks adorable. I'll have to see if I can find it in my teensie tiny library system.

What's your other exception to wordless books?
This one was alright:

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