but it doesn't feel like winter

This is my lesson plan for this past week's family storytime. Second week of winter theme, this week was winter animals. It definitely felt weird to be reading about cold weather and snow, etc., when it was nearly 60 degrees the day before and in the 50s that day.
  1. Intro myself and theme
  2. Song/Movement:
    Shake Your Sillies out: More Singable Songs, #13
  3. Rhyme/Movement:
    The Owl

    There's a wide eyed owl (thumbs and forefingers around eyes)
    With a pointed nose, (forefinger makes a v at end of nose)
    Two pointed ears, (forefingers extended up from head)
    and claws for toes, (fingers and arms bent in front of chest)
    When he sits up in the tree, (point to tree)
    and he looks at you, (point at a child in the group)
    he flaps his wings, (fold arms into arm pits and flap)
    And he says 'Whoo Whoo.'
    ~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare
  4. Our rhyme was about an owl, do you suppose we’ll see an owl in our first story?
    Prop Story/Book 1: Snow, Manya Stojic
  5. Flannel Board: “5 Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice”
  6. Song/Movement: “Doing the Penguin” Sesame Street’s HOT! HOT! HOT!
  7. Book 2: I am small, Emma Dodd
  8. Flannel Board: Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear?
  9. Prop Story: In the Snow, Sharon Phillips Denslow, Nancy Tafuri w/puppets
  10. Book 3: Mouse’s First Snow, Lauren Thompson, Buket Erdogan
  11. Book 4: A Hat for Minerva Louise, Stoeke
  12. Music/Movement: “Freeze,” Greg and Steve’s “Kids in Motion
  13. Closing: Info on future programs/winter reading


Brett Minor said…
It has been strange. It is hard to even say the word winter since there hasn't really been one. The first day of spring is still over a month away and it feel slike it started two weeks ago.

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