C'mon'n ride that train

I was supposed to have a Pre-school storytime last Friday, but wouldn't you know it, they cancelled a half an hour before our storytime. I was ok with that. It was a slow Friday and it felt nice to just sit at the desk and chat with the othe librarian, catch up on some future storytime planning, and catch up on some library journal reading.

Thought I would share my Pre-school storytime on TRANSPORTATION

1. Welcome and Introduce myself and theme
2. Music/Movement: “Shake my sillies out,” #13 Raffi’s More Singable Songs
3. Movement: “I'm A Little Airplane,”
(tune "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a little airplane,
(children raise arms at sides to shoulder height.)
I can fly!
(tilt back and forth like a plane coming in for landing)
I look low (look around the ground)
And I look high. (look around the sky)
When I get all revved up.
(Make engine noises)
Watch me fly,
(Children raise arms to shoulder height.)
Lifting off
Into the sky! (Point up)

4. Book 1: Red Light, Green Light, Anastasia Suen OR The Seals on the Bus, Lenny Hort
5. Music/Movement:  “The Wheels on the bus”
6. Flannel Board: “Green plane, green plane, what do you see?”
7. Music/Movement: “Stop!” #12, Sesame Street’s Sing-a-long Travel Song
8. Book 2: Sheep in a Jeep, Nancy Shaw
9. Music/Movement: “If you’re happy and you know it”
10. Music/Movement: “Drive my car,” Elmo covering The Beatles, #7 Sesame Street’s Sing-a-long Travel Song w/shakers
11. Book 3: Chugga, Chugga, Choo Choo, Kevin Lewis
12. Book 4: Snappy Sounds: VROOM!
13. Music/Movement: “The Locomotion” (cover) w/bells #5, Drew’s Famous Boy’s Birthday Party Music

*I timed myself during my practice run and this was about 30 mins (obviously this varies if the kids are losing their damn minds and you have to go faster/slower/answer lots of questions, etc.) I always plan too much and cut out things that won't work, based on my crowd, as I go.*)

And if you want a hipper ending, you can always do "C'mon ride it (the train)" instead of "The Locomotion." You know you want to wear white silk short suit outfit (with matching hat) and dance really sexy! Just don't dance like the guy after white-silk-short-suit-woman. DON'T!

C'mon Ride It (That Train), Quad City DJs



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