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Oasis - Wonderwall

Dear Oasis,

Remember the 90s? You probably don't know that I used to put your CD on in my sisters room and lay back on her bed and think about when life was going to begin. I did this while she was at work or out with her cute boyfriend and I was stuck at home being an awkward teenager. You probably don't remember this, but I remember that those were back in the days before I kissed a boy, before I could drive, before my family even had a computer. Do you remember those days too?--what it felt like to be young and have your whole life in front of you, when the most important decision was what you and your friends were doing that weekend or what you were going to wear to that dance.

Gee, thanks Oasis, I am glad we stumbled upon each other on Youtube today--it was nice to remember the old days together. :)

Love, Monster


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