Ohio transplants

No, this blog has nothing to do with organ donations...of any kind. I just wanted to mention that I met two other Ohio transplants last Friday night for a burger and beer at a really fun place in Cleveland. But first, let me just say, last Friday is hands down the best day I've had since I moved to Ohio; I was off from work so I spent the day walking around the glorious (and FREE!) Cleveland Museum of Art. It was wonderful. It felt nice to feel lost in a building, surrounded by art, instead of in my new city. Lovely.

So who I went out with: hmmm, how do I explain this one? Ok, my best friend L's little sister Julie is engaged to Andrew, Andrew's little sister is Merissa. I met Merissa (also from MI) and her friend Kelly (from NJ) at Becky's Bar in downtown Cleveland (right next to CSU) for dinner and beers. Some thoughts I had while driving home (not in this order):
  1. I love that I can have a burger, fries and two beers for under $20. It was so expensive to go out for eats and beers near the Farm.
  2. I made friends!
  3. Merissa said we could carpool some weekend to MI, since she goes home a lot. YAY!
  4. I am now in love with Ohio beer: Great Lakes Brewery I love you. Their Christmas beer was so worth it; my reward at the end of week 2.


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