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This is a special time of year; a time when the stillness in the air, the pre-snow crispness is tangible; when children get excited for Santa; when people wish each other "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!"

It is also the time of year when children lose their damn minds. Children seem to only be able to focus on what they are asking for/wanting Santa to bring and the looming winter holiday from school.

I get it.

I was a kid once too.

And I am excited about my time off, my 3 day weekends for Christmas and New Years. And I am excited to be almost done with reading Christmas books and winter books. Funny. When I was a Children's Librarian a million years ago we couldn't read any books which said "Christmas," we could only read books about winter or snow or sledding, whatever. NO. CHRISTMAS. OHCity is mostly Christianity-based families, so they don't care if Christmas comes up as long as it deals with Santa, books about Jesus are not allowed. (Funny how we lose the true meaning of the holiday and focus on the consumerism, but that is a tangent for another blog).

I was thinking about how glad I was that this morning's storytime--this time at an apartment complex--was to be my last covering winter and Christmas and snow and presents and elves and reindeer-with-noses-in-any-color, only to check my email and find WINTER scheduled for the first two weeks of storytimes in January GAH! I felt like shaking my fists and shouting "REAL ORIGINAL LADIES!!" at the other 6 librarians who voted on it...then I remembered, I voted on winter too. What was I thinking?

So, until 5pm, you can find me in the OHCity Library pulling and reading huge stacks of picture books about snow and winter. *GRUMBLE!* Stupid winter.

P.S. These feelings might be compounded by the fact that I leave for Buffalo in less than an hour and it's been snowing all day! :( Wish me luck!


Rebecca Bany said…
We really don't get snow here. So I can't relate in that area. Although, I do love to read a good book.
Thanks for commenting, Rebecca. Welcome!

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