I wish Christmas was really like that movie Love Actually

...because then maybe I would end up with Colin Firth. Shoot, I don't even speak Portugeses. And don't even think I am going to settle for Hugh Grant! Hmmm, Snape though...but I'm not the homewrecking type. Anyway, Christmas is a strange holiday. Don't get me wrong, as a pretty devout Catholic I love the whole Jesus' birth aspect of it, but as a single person Christmas and New Years have to be the most sucktastic holidays. They are the time when you want to know who you're going to be taking to Christmas parties, who's thinking of buying something really special for you (if you go in for that consumeristic thing), who'll you'll be snogging on New Year's Eve when the ball drops.

Christmas can be lonely when you don't have someone to share it with and you live alone in a new city and your family is all over the damn country and your brother was supposed to be with you but has to go see his wife's family in Canda INSTEAD!! This year has been hard. For the last couple of years I was at the Farm, working and being with friends, who like me decided to stay home, without family, for Christmas. This year it's hard.

I am heading to Michigan this Friday after work, so I have that to look forward to. Sorry for grumbling. I am just lonely.

So, to make myself feel better this morning I went online and chose some things which my non-existant boyfriend might buy for me for Christmas.

Also wanted to welcome some new followers; welcome: Rebecca from Memoirs of Me & Mine and Gubby of Gubby's World.


Ms. Yingling said…
And my complaint is that there Re wall-to-wall people at my house and all I want to do is crawl in a hole and not feed or clean up after anyone. Seriously, my best friend and I are planning a Christmastide camel riding tour of Morocco in about ten years so we can finally escape all of our people related obligations. Moral of story- we should try to appreciate what we have. Sorry you are lonely, but there are some upsides!
True, Ms. Yingling. I am actually enjoying the time more than I thought I would, probably because I had low expectations.

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