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In our daily searches for the right materials to use during storytimes, we Librarians sometimes run across real gems in our collections, items which are found by the grace of God or a keyword search. One of the other Librarians found this gem today: Shut Up, You're FINE! 

Her just reading the poem titles was enough to make me laugh like a lunatic, included are such touching poems as:

Had it coming
Kiss grandma goodnight
The starving kids in Africa
One, two
The moon
The tooth fairy
Hide-and-seek with mommy and daddy
Daddy, are we meat?
The Schlitz malt liquor bull
Apostrophes to lunch
The old dog
The glass hammer
Playing dead
The cow
My bed is not a boat
I rode my bike over hill and dale
My last dream
The night wind
The thumping of the bed
The dying boy's lament
Prayer before bed
The circus in the trees
Why I love Ruby
Dead things I have seen
Spit shine
I think of being in the grave
Margaret and her puppy, Ralph
When I grow up
The ice-cream truck
As seen on television
Playing houth
I'd hate to be an astronaut
The blue-tailed skink's blue tail
My hero
We buried the cat, but the dog dug her up
Cousin Marbury's marvelous bombs
Grandmama's teeth
The county fair
The joys of Christmas day
Desert island
Our neighbors' little yappy dog
His imaginary friend
The boy in the wheelchair
My grandmother's breasts
Fat Johnny
My sister's stash
Goodbye to all this
Jim the car
My mother predicts travel to exotic destinations
My deepest heart's desire
At camp
Grandmother's bed
When granddad says, "Please kill me!"
Sleep, sleep

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Can we say, can't wait for this hold to come in!


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