beat that thar hangover!

Helpful flow chart borrowed from here.
Anybody who's every gotten drunk more than a couple of times has a cure-all for hangovers. If you are planning on getting your party on this New Years' Eve, read this article first, or save the time, the point can be summed up as:

"The best thing to do, besides avoiding getting drunk in the first place, is to eat a large, fatty meal beforehand, drink plenty of water during your escapades (a large glass after every alcoholic drink should do it), and eat right the next morning. Eggs are truly helpful because they have something called "cysteine," a substance that can break down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver."
--Kurt Michael Friese, Huff Post  Food 12/29/11

The greasy burger meal has always been a favorite amongst our crowd; water between drinks; and we always drink OJ as soon as we get up--I heard that booze deplets your body of Vit C--true or not, this trick has always worked for us!

Also, hysterically funny was this blog.

Sorry if this post was infantile, I am tired of blogging about books and book reviews, so here's to silliness.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Party RESPONSIBLY for everyone's sake!


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