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Carolinian / Piedmont Route Map
Wednesday morning I caught a midnight train (no, not to Georgia!) to Penn Station, NYC, then boarded my next train from NYC to Charlotte, NC (the closest major train stop to my sister and her family who live just over the line in South Carolina). You can see from my route that I spent a lot of time on trains all day; going from Connecticut, to New York City, and on through Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. Fortunately I had a 4 hour stop in Washington D.C., which gave me enough time to walk past the Capitol and to the National Mall (although I didn't make it all the way down to the new Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, I did get to walk past the Library of Congress though!)

Thursday morning, after not enough sleep, my Mom and I roadtriped 8 hours to OhCity, OH, home of my new library job. After looking at one apartment we headed down the street and found an apartment with soul (this was one of M's requirements for me). My apartment is a two bedroom on the second floor of an apartment building built in 1929, about 2 blocks down the street from the library, not far from the local YMCA and the city's cultural center where a Farmer's Market is held YEAR ROUND! I was in love as soon as I saw the apartment! And living in the Midwest is super cheap: $545/month for a two bedroom! So happy! After I gave Mom the grand tour of my new work--OhCity Public Library--we ate at an amazing Italian place not far from my new apartment. GAH! Securing an apartment and spending a day in OhCity before my move made things feel a lot less stressful; can't wait to show it to RugbyGirl when she helps me move later this week!

Brother A3 and his now preggo wife Dayna met Mom and I for breakfast Thursday morning before we headed back down to South Carolina. They were also in OH for a few days to find their new digs for when they move down to OH in January. (A3 and Dayna are moving to a city about 45 minutes from me--this makes moving to a whole new state and strange city a LOT less scary!)

Now I am back in South Carolina with my family, celebrating monster niece S's 7th birthday. Pumpkin pies are cooking, S is antsy to open birthday presents and I am doing last minute things to get ready for my next leg of this trip. Tomorrow I pick Mummy Dearest up from the airport and head to her home in North Carolina! Looking forward to time with Mummy, Hubby and their two kiddos: Big and Little Fish!

Pics of my trip to follow!


Anonymous said…
If I could I'd live a life similar to yours. I enjoy books a great deal and I love nature. The older I get the less I like urban sprawl.

Even my nom de plume, Arcadian indicates my preference.

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