"I've already had like four babies"

Super tired lately--something has taken residence in my attic/crawl space, and whatever the hell it is, it loves to RUN down the inside of the walls behind my headboard while I am trying to fall asleep. It used to scare the crap out of me...now I just get angry. I swear to God it's like it knows right when I am literally almost asleep--does that sound paranoid? I think this lack of sleep thing is making me paranoid--and then I am WIDE AWAKE all over again.

Our routine is now something like this:

Thing in wall: scramble scramble, *claws scratching wood sounds*
Me: *pounding on wall* "HEY! Knock it off!" *more pounding
Repeat this about a half dozen times before an angrier me gives up, throws blankets over my head and then passes out from lack of oxygen under my million blankets!

I used to think the thing(s) was mice...then I thought--too big, must be squirrels...after watching this commercial, I am SURE it's raccoons!

Allstate TV Ad: Raccoon Mayhem


Toriafly said…
Ugh! No fun! In my bedroom in my parents house there was always something scratching at the attic floor, like trying to dig himself out. Drove me NUTS!

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