pictures of fall

Some of the fall foliage.

One of my favorite trees during the fall (at the Farm).

These pictures were taken just over a week ago and already the horizon boasts a more muted palette. The more vivid colors of fall have shed themselves and each days finds a view that is more muted,  subdued grays and browns replacing the fire of falls' brightest blaze. The tree pictured above is already nearly bald, leaves underneath curling, arthritic fingers who've now longer a purpose.

I won't lie. I still love the fall, even after the finest and brightest colors have been spent. I love the brilliant and cold sunsets; love the deep dark, almost purple nights; love the smell of wood stoves warming houses, piles of leaves in yards cleared away by rakes and maintained fires; love the jeans and sweater weather.


Nastassia said…
This is beautiful. I wish that I could be in a lovely environment such as yours! :)
Thanks Natassia! There are many days when I leave my little cabin in the woods and feel so amazed that I get to see such beautiful country.

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