flying pigs and laid back librarians

Pigasus, the flying pig, used by John Steinbeck
throughout his life; used as a symbol of himself,
"earthbound but aspiring."
I love HuffingtonPost. I love the bizarre articles. I love the good articles. I love everything. I enjoyed the doodles by famous people today. I enjoy that it also links to other websites too. Somehow I made
Somehow, I made my way to this article, a list of the Highest Paying Jobs with the Most Time Off, Librarians made #6,

Hours worked/year: 1,819
Median hourly earnings: $27.35
No. employed: 148,240
Hours worked/week: 38.3
Median annual income: $54,500
Top annual income: $83,510

There are several different types of librarians, and depending on the position, workloads can either be demanding or much lighter than the national average. According to the BLS, those working at colleges can work full-time, and even weekends and some holidays. However, nearly half of librarians (63,000 out of the 148,000 positions) work in elementary, middle, and high schools. This means that their schedule is limited to the morning to mid-afternoon on school days, and rarely in the summers. U.S. News and World Report listed the job in its Best Careers of 2009 report."


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