rock lobster

Reflections on our Jamaican vacation:
  • I am lobster red
  • My brother A3 got married without a hitch
  • (Ocean) crabs are working together to scare the crap out of me--almost stepped on 2, both times at night, which made the experience even scarier
  •  Knocking fists with the hotel staff, while simultaneously saying, "Respect!" is encouraged
  • Playing Bob Marley music all the time isn't cliche (said with heavy sarcasm)
  • Being asked if you, "like to party," means, "You want to buy some weed from me?"
  • Everyone, from the bell hops to the rasta dudes on the beach, will ask you above question
I am getting that vacation-ed out restlessness; it has been absolutely gorgeous here, but I am ready to trade the sandy shores and clear waters of Negril for the Farm.

 "You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn't that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena."  -- Jon Stewart


Tiffany said…
I'm glad you had a great time! Did you party, ha ha? Just kidding.
AbdulSesay said…
Nice... what part of Jamaica did you visit? I'm not sure Jamaica is a place for me though!!

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