no where vegetables

We are in the garden season here at the Farm, but for whatever reason, we don't seem to be getting as many vegetables in the Kitchen this year as we did last. To say that I am bummed out about that is an understatement. Long gone and terribly missed are the asparagus of May and June--these days we are enjoying lettuce and mustard greens, kale, Swiss chard and bok choi, mung bean sprouts; carrots and turnips look and taste amazing this year; broccoli, cabbage, sugar snap peas and snow peas have all begun to make an appearance in the Kitchen, and taste so fresh and green that I am in complete ecstasy with every bite. Eating things that were picked just hours before is such an amazing gift. I am always absolutely astounded by the difference in taste between a fresh vegetable and a store bought one. People who "hate" veggies have never tried farm grown, hand picked, fresh veggies. There is no way that you can hate foods which taste so good! The greens taste as leafy as they look; earthy chard, bitter mustard greens; the peas and carrots are so sweet and fat. And yet this afternoon we found our refrigerator void of any Farm can this be!? The gardeners are supposed to bring up something fresh this afternoon, so I guess I will just have to wait! In lieu of fresh veggies maybe I should sample some of the Farm's own mozzarella which was soaking tantalizingly in a brine bath. Or lop off a little sliver of Farm cheddar. See a pattern here? We get to eat such amazing food here! I am in Heaven. Life is good.

The video today is: The Beatles - Nowhere Man (1966). Every weekday morning we have a meeting at the Farm; go over appointments, events, announcements, the official things, then do a reading and end with a song from our trusty songbooks to start the day. It used to feel so hokey to me when I first started at the Farm over 8 years ago, but now I have to start my mornings with music. Is there any other way?


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