slow running

JerseyShore (a newish volunteer) and I drove out to Northampton after work yesterday, meeting up with my friend E; went and saw William Fitzsimmons in concert last night at the Iron Horse. The drive out was great; listening to good music and chatting, catching up on work and in no time we were in Northampton! Let me just say that I love Northampton: love tooling around there and meeting up with E; love wandering around the city; love going to restaurants like Local Burger--and yes, it's local. YUM!--and Veracruzana; love people watching--Northampton is a super liberal town (very different from what I grew up with); love just being around a college town/campus again. After we finally parked--FREE ON SUNDAYS! we ate at Loal Burger (I have now been there about a half dozen times and am feeling like I must try something new) and it was delicious as always!

The walk over to the Iron Horse (Center St.) was great, a perfect day and the city was Sunday sleepy. I had only ever been to the Calvin Theater for a Ray Lamontagne show and from what I remember that venue was a lot bigger--The Iron Horse seats maybe 150 people or so. We were orignially seated downstairs but requested different seats because we were in the back behind some chatty Kathys; JerseyShore talked to the waiter and got us this amazing booth upstairs with a clear view of the stage.

The opening band Slow Runner was as great. I actually enjoyed Slow Runner more than William Fitzsimmons because their songs are more upbeat than W. Fitzsimmons sad, self effacing jams--after the car ride out and great food I was full of energy and wanted to groove to music like Slow Runners keyboard/guitar/bass/drum/mandolin/banjo jams, I didn't want to be lulled into sleepy sadness. Fitzimmons' music is great, but I definitely but it into that Iron & Wine quiet time mix on my iPod.

I wanted to post a video of Slow Runner but the only ones I could find were either poor quality or a song I didn't love. So, go to their myspace page here (I especially love "Strange Days,") and listen to their songs, then go online and buy them--support small, up and coming artists!


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