Spain on the brain

Made it to the Buffalo area safely. Sepnding the day being lazy. *Sigh of contentment.*

All this thinking of travel this weekend has made my mind wander back to lovely days in sunny places; an ocean; country towns with ancient bridges; flamenco; fields of olive trees flying by a train window. Ah, how I long to visit Spain again.

"Oranges in the south of Spain"
stars hang out at night
linen left to dry
red geraniums along the balconies
nodding, nodding
willing to agree to anything
just to keep their cola
a gang of kids running through the streets
faceless pranksters
the moon a plate held before each face
who am i? saying who am i
running through the streets saying who am i
the shadows of the buildings
becoming cats that move away
the trees immobilized
left to stand alone in the dark
rubbing their bark from regret
like cicadas
oranges have more delicacy
softly falling, falling
in the groves
on the hills
softly eaten, eaten
by the earth
swallowed whole
as if by a snake
not earth
as if by millions
slithering in the groves at night
stalking the oranges that fall softly
softly to the earth
hunting there in the groves
that form a ring around each town
-- Pablo Picasso


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