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Happy 35th Birthday A1! Where has the time gone? 

Only one more day of work and then a short weekend. Two more days of work after the short weekend and I am going to enjoy some silence...maybe a museum too...?

"Museum Piece"
The good gray guardians of art
Patrol the halls on spongy shoes,
Impartially protective, though
Perhaps suspicious of Toulouse.

Here dozes one against the wall,
Disposed upon a funeral chair.
A Degas dancer pirouettes
Upon the parting of his hair.

See how she spins! The grace is there,
But strain as well is plain to see. 

Degas loved the two together:
Beauty joined to energy.

Edgar Degas purchased once
A fine El Greco, which he kept
Against the wall beside his bed
To hang his pants on while he slept.

-- Richard Wilbur


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