William Fitzsimmons - I Kissed a Girl (cover)

I found William Fitzsimmons when I was in grad school and his mellow tunes definitely got me through some tense days. Though he's on my iPod, I had sorta forgotten about W.F. for a while there until the other day when I was hanging out with Jersey Shore (a new guy at work) and wouldn't you know it--he just discovered William Fitzsimmons, so today we listened to his new album Gold in the Shadow all morning in the Kitchen. And I also learned that William Fitzsimmons is playing in Northampton this coming weekend...and the tickets are RIDICULOUSLY cheap. I think we're going.

I love Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl," but I may almost love William Fitzimmons cover as much or more!


Lauri said…
I hadn't heard this cover, really nice - I will look into more of his stuff - thanks!
You're welcome Lauri--enjoy!

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