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Southeastern Michigan, particularly Detroit, gets revved up every January for the North American International Auto Show. Growing up in Michigan, which is still the leading auto producing state in the U.S.; living for a time in Detroit, a.k.a. the Motor City; growing up within a family (grandfather and father among others) whose members worked for all of the Big Three at some point; I have always been interested in cars.

Thinking about the NAI Auto Show made me recall the shows I've been to in the past with my best friend Kim--teenagers excited to go to the show with Kim's Dad, a GM Industrial Designer. One year in particular, when oh, the glory I felt when I slide behind the wheel of the cherry red 1994 Mustang--the then 30 years removed heir to my *still* dream car, a 1964 Mustang. I remember sleeping under a huge poster of that very car, dreaming things 13 year old girls dream. Ah, that all seems a million years away now. Yet, hearing about the NAI Auto Show on the news every day since I've been home has stirred so many memories and made me a little proud to be a Michigander (and former Detroiter).


Kimberly said…
My dad is a Industrial Designer, not a Engineer.
mustangs are my favorite, too! My dad has one, and every time I see one I think of him :) He used to take the fam to the auto show every year and honestly I don't think I liked it then.

Looking back though, I'm glad we went. The Auto Show is one of those gems that Detroit can still claim.

Maybe one day I'll make it to that black tie bash!
Kim, you will notice I fixed my faux pa.

Gabrielle, true story! I too hope to be able to go to the black tie fundraiser event one year...on the arm of James MacAvoy. ;)

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