sick and tired, but still learning

I love working at the library, but today felt like a doozie. I have one of those amazingly annoying colds with the runny nose that just won't stop, sneezing and one eye which just won't stop tearing. Aside from the congested sinuses I feel fine, though I smell terrible--that hospital-ish hand sanitizer smell lingers around me, as that is what I apply to my hands every fifteen minutes or so when I blow my nose and sound off like a flock of honking geese! The patrons have at least been lovely--very patient, many acknowledging that I sound terrible and should be home.

Today has been busy, a constant flow of questions and tech related problems has helped the day pass faster. One thing I like about my job is that when I am searching for something with others I learn something too. What did I learn today in LibraryLand, you ask? Well, I learned:
  • the call number for sharks is 597.3
  • Renaissance is spelled R-e-n-a-i-s-s-a-n-c-e. That "i" is tricky!
  • In Massachusetts Form 1 is for Resident Individual Income Tax returns (I am so dumbed down to taxes now that I do everything on Turbo Tax--just print and sign baby!)
  • There was a "great" book, which came out this past summer, which had an apple tree in it whose fruit caused the eater to be able to see into the future. Yep, still searching for the title to that gem! Anyone know it?
Oh, I guess I should back track...did I ever mention that I started working part-time at this wonderful library about 35 minutes from the Farm? It is great. On the blog I guess I'll refer to it as CityLibrary.


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