mitten handed maps

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I am here in the Mitten State. The state that breeds Michiganders/Michiganians who use our hands as maps. Oh, yes. We actually do it. Seriously. My friend didn't believe me until she saw it with her own eyes.

Been back since Friday and my time here has been a whirlwind of seeing lots of friends and familly and spending lots of time in my bro A3's truck driving all over the place (since everyone lives all over SE MI).  Some highlights include:
  • College K and Jesse's Engagement Party/wine tasting. (This turned into drinks followed by more drinks and karoke. Ah, how I was craving some good ole' Midwest karoke!)
  • Staying with one of my favorite Aunties
  • Sledding with Monster Niece S and Monster Nephew A (now 6 and 4.5 years respectfully)
  • My Dad's side of the family's belated Christmas party
  • Lunch with my priest Father J--one of the coolest people I know
  • Seeing True Grit with Mom, A3 and A3's fiancee Dayna--AWESOME movie!!
  • Seeing HP7 again, this time with Mom, this time with an empty theater to ourselves.  :)
  • Staying with old roomie Melissa
Right now I am utilizing the Springfield Township Library's internet, killing time until I go out for dinner with best friend Kim and two other girls who we worked with when we were in high school. All four of us met at the town Cinema, which is now closed, when we were all 16/17 years old, and through Facebook have been able to reconnect. I am excited to see them, since it's been over a decade!


Toriafly said…
When I first met Bob he did not understand the whole point out where you live on the hand deal. Non Michiganders are really missing out!

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