going home fatter

Seriously. I have been eating such good food while I've been back in Michigan I am going to go back to Massachusetts fatter. Really. Food in Michigan (at least my Michigan) is definitely richer than stuff we eat at the Farm.

Last night I went out with my best friend Kim and two of the girls we worked with at the town Cinema back when we were in high school. In the way that it happens as you grow up and grow away from one another, Kim and I lost touch with Andrea and Courtney (themselves best friends from our rival high school) after we all started college nearly 13 years ago. Thanks to Facebook we reconnected and set up a dinner date for while I was back in the Mitten State.

We ate at the Clarkston Union. Kim swore by their mac n' cheese and we weren't dissapointed. I had the Meatloaf, mashers and sauteed squash and zucchini. SO GOOD. We all shared a small side of the famous mac n' cheese. SO GOOD! And for dessert Courtney and I split the homemade ice cream sandwich. SO GOOD! All washed down with good ole' fashioned Midwest goodness: Bud Light.

Searching through reviews about the Union I stumbled upon this letter. I thought it was great.

Dear Clarkston Union,

You are one helluva unique place. Once upon a time you existed as a church. From there you were converted into a restaurant. Your elegant stained glass windows still filter the sunlight as it pours upon your hungry patrons. Your wooden pews no longer face an altar, but have now been arranged to accomodate the tables that bare your delicious food stuffs. Your aforementioned altar is now a cooking work of art, pumping out dish after dish of scrumptious treats.

Your beer menu is second to none. With nearly 30 varieties ON TAP, and prices that don't require handing over your life savings, you instantly had my heart! I decided to go with the Ichabod Pumpkin Ale; a decision that proved to be wise the moment I took that first sip! After I had my beer fix, your offering (and knowledge) of Arnold Palmer's kept me quenched throughout the meal to come.

The menu you provide is extensive, but I had my sights set on one thing and one thing alone. The mac and cheese. "Legendary" is one word I'd heard to describe it. I concur. Before me lay a scrumptious dish of penne rigate with Canadian sharp cheddar and mild pinconning cheeses, topped with a perfectly crispy crust. You know that saying "I inhaled it"? It applies here.

Clarkston Union, it is my pleasure to announce that you have received the coveted honor that is my 200th review! Congratulations. Keep being awesome.

Sincerely Yours,
This review and more here.
Photo found here.


Toriafly said…
OMG too funny! I just Yelped about the Clarkston Union because I miss their mac n' cheese so much and read that same review! Goooood stuff!

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