focusing on good

I never revisited my list of 30 things for 30, maybe because I didn't finish all the things on there. Reading my friend Tizzy's recent post of how much can change in 6 months made me decide to celebrate what I DID DO in 2010. Almost half way to my goal. I can be proud of that.
  • I cleaned our disgusting basement
  • I read something like 37 books
  • I hiked all the Farm trails (18?) but two!
  • Read so much poetry this year/so many poets new to me!
  • Watched the Godfather I
  • Got to more of the museums nearb/more shops/restaurants that I was curious about
  • Read The Fountainhead
  • Grew sunflowers
  • Got a PT library job
  • Had a Breakfast at Tiffany’s night in NYC (thanks Tizzy and Joel!)
  • Sent poetry for publication though it was refused, at least I tried!
  • Picked up a hitch hiker
  • Lost one clothing size, working on more
  • Read the Bible more/pray more


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