the caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar turned 40 years old in 2009; M & N and kiddos, Mummy Dearest and I were all able to see the Very Hungry Caterpillar atop his 40th cake at the Eric Carle Museum. I just now stumbled upon this wonderful, short video about the story behind the caterpillar as told by its creator--my favorite children's illustrator--Eric Carle.

I love that he published this book the year he turned 40 years old; it makes turning 40 seem less scary--knowing that I too may one day make my own masterpiece.

Also, check out Eric Carle's blog, found here.


Victoria said…
Love the cake! That book brings back great memories! Someday you WILL make your own masterpiece (just make sure I get a signed copy lol)!

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