recounting happy moments

Reading other people's blogs always gives me ideas for blogs when I can't think of anything creative to write about. Reading What's New Pussycat, I liked this idea:

"Five Minutes"
Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.  --Author: Patti Digh

So, here goes:
  • growing things in my garden, watching them grow, digging my toes and bare feet into the soil
  • making pickles
  • reading stories with Big and Little Fish, M & S, Monster Niece S and Nephew A
  • my older brother A3 getting engaged
  • my old, dear friend (and former roommate) College Kim getting engaged
  • being at my godchild Viv's Baptism, celebrating with my best friends
  • my godchild Viv's 1st bday (I couldn't be there but just knowing she is 1 and walking and happy and healthy is enough!
  • HP7
  • hiking more (not enough, but more than last year)
  • knowing that I LIVE and WORK on a farm
  • getting excited as our gardeners brought us fresh produce and knowing I got (get) to cook something SO FRESH!
  • Thinking ahead and planning for two destination weddings this coming summer--I love planning travel
  • getting a library job--which I already really like
  • seeing my nieces and nephews healthy and happy
  • my two nieces beginning Kindergarten
  • listening to a lot of good music this year
  • going on a cruise with friends
  • turning 30
  • laughing in a car with friends for about 10 minutes before we could even get on the road
  • driving home alone   
  • mini road trips
  • good conversations with friends, over tea

    What are the things you want to remember about 2010? 


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