Since my computer is now fixed I have no reason to not be posting, but I think, well, I know I'm processing a lot lately. Processing what 30 means. Processing the rally. Processing work. Processing fall. Processing life. Churning churning--but in a good way. Until I come up with words for the mental swirling, I will post some pics which I wasn't able to share sans computer.

First, since the Rally is still fresh in my mind, I will share some pics from the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear. The Rally--which actually happened on my 30th b-day--was amazing. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert inspire me, not just because I like that they are informed and funny and clever and witty; all that stuff too, but I was really inspired that they called (and continue!) to call us to challenge what we see/hear/know to be true. Thanks guys for challenging me and thanks for the great rally (and photo opps!)   

I guess I should mention that I took these photos, but since I posted them on Facebook, these photos may now legally be owned by them...?

 My first rally sign. This guy was most obliging when I asked if I could take his photo.
 Rally signs were EVERYWHERE. This was by the media trucks.
 Some of the thousands of people.
 My FEAR cape (who said I'd never use my college graduation robes again!) I felt pretty McGyver pulling this together with the help of some duct tape! I also referred to myself as Capt. Fear for a bit the day of the rally. Yep, I'm that dorky!
 One of my favorite Rally costumes! There was a his and hers version (husband and wife I assume.)
 Near the end I left my friends and wandered up to the front of the Rally, desperately trying to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I didn't get quite this close, but thanks to my camera, I got a pretty good glimpse of the stage. I also DID see Stewart and Colbert, though from my vantage point they were a little ant-like.
 Yes, those are people on the port-a-potties. Once it got crowded--and owing to the fact that from this height you could probably see the best--people took to sitting on top of the toilets! Great!
Capital Hill from a distance. I took this when were en route to the rally, before we began running into the crowds of other rally-ers!


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