fragmented mumbly jumbly

While, I am sure, the ED of the Farm sent this out to inspire even greater greatness in our work here at the Farm, I can't help but wonder how to keep all the balls in the air. Reading this today made me reflect on the past weekend; a five day weekend back in Michigan, which proved to be a little more stressful than I planned for. It seems like my sister and I have mastered the art of scuffing the glass ball of family, making me think that being an adult can be so tiring, can't it?

Anyway, I made the drive in record time, somehow turning the usually 10.5-11 hour drive into a 9.5 hour drive; enjoyed the buddings of fall colors, which are already springing up along I90 in New York State and Massachusetts; listened to books on CD; enjoyed the solitude.

And then I was back in community. A slow introduction back into life here, I fortunately had today off. A quiet day. A day of accomplishments:

  • canned 7 quarts of homemade salsa (made with my tomatoes!)
  • presently making applesauce to can 
  • tried my pickles, which have been pickling for over two months. Good, but not as good as last year's recipe
It is good to be back. 


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