embers still burning faintly

I haven't written lately partly because it is so damn hot and that makes me cranky; but partly also because things have been busy around here. Work, garden work, yard work, library work. Work work work, which makes way for play--which will be happening soon. My best friend L and K and their three girls: L, A and V will be coming out for a week--next week--followed by my brother A3 and his girlfriend Dayna, who will be here for a few days.

So, in place of anything I could write I will share this poem which feels so familiar to me for some reason.

Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost,
No birth, identity, form--no object of the world.
Nor life, nor force, nor any visible thing;
Appearance must not foil, nor shifted sphere confuse thy brain.
Ample are time and space--ample the fields of Nature.
The body, sluggish, aged, cold--the embers left from earlier fires,
The light in the eye grown dim, shall duly flame again;
The sun now low in the west rises for mornings and for noons continual;
To frozen clods ever the spring's invisible law returns,
With grass and flowers and summer fruits and corn.
~ Uncle Walt (Whitman)


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