our new neighbor: photo of the week

I am a firm believer that sometimes things happen for a reason. Take this morning for example. I forgot to put on deoderant after getting out of the shower; realizing this fact when I got to work, I walked back home--easy, since I live about 40 paces from work--and met our new neighbor. He/she's pictured below. And to think, I would have missed my encounter if I'd remembered my deoderant this morning!!

From National Geographic I learned:
  • The Porcupine's Latin name means "quill pig"
  • Porcupines can have 30,000 or more quills
  • Porcupines love to eat wood
  • Some porcupines even have "prehensile" (gripping) tails, which helps while climbing trees
  • Porcupines can get up to 3 feet long and weigh as much as 35 pounds
For more info on our North American porcupines click here.


CS said…
What a little cutie!! How lucky you are to have her for a neighbor. :)
Thanks CS! RugbyGirl, TSO and I spotted him/her again the other night. I got within about two feet and then the quills went up and I backed away.

TSO said he wasn't taking me to the vet if I got quilled--how thoughtful.

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