garden pictures

As promised, pictures of the garden around our house.

1. Yellow Day Lilies
2. Our front porch stairs with the twine up for the Morning Glories and Moonflowers. Also visible is a purple iris.

3. Purply blue Forget-me-nots.

4. A view of our porch and flower twine from the other side. You can't really see it but my Cosmos are coming up over here as are some sunflowers in the back row, up against the house.
5. The path to our back door; framed on the left with our gorgeous apple trees; on the right you can see part of the garden where the Lilies of the valley and daffodils were growing.

6. The view from our front yard, looking down the road toward yet another apple tree.
7. Tools of the trade.

8.  Irises--I love these flowers, they remind me of Van Gogh's Irises.


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